The design features, which includes the Malta Cross, the rays of the sun with the Malta Cross, the image of Lapu-Lapu and the National Flag, symbolizes the true ideals of the Bureau of Fire Protection.

The Malta Cross (knighthood emblem) is the symbol of protection, a badge of honor, courage and pride and is a representation of the ideals of the Fire Service in saving lives and properties and the extinguishment of destructive fires. Shown here are the inner (yellow) and outer (metal) Malta crosses.

The number of the outward rays inside the outer Malta Cross represents the 75 provinces while the number of Laurel leaves encircling Lapu-Lapu, which was represented into two branches, signifies the country’s 14 regions during the year when the BFP was conceived as a separate Bureau under the Department of Interior and Local Government.

The logo also features the major fire fighting tools and equipment was embedded on each part of the inner Malta cross. Clockwise from top: Fire helmet, Hydrant, Hose Nozzles, and Ladder & Pike.

The image of Lapu-Lapu, who was the first Filipino who led the country in fighting the Spanish conquistadors, signifies bravery, leadership and heroism. The National Flag was also included in the background of Lapu-Lapu.

At the top of the badge is an image of the Philippine Eagle, which represents the mandate of the Bureau to protect our citizens from fires and other destructive forces of nature.