The design features which includes the Malta Cross, black shield, BFP motto, the two branches of laurel leaves, the fire fighting tools and equipment, the image of Lapu-lapu and the National Flag, symbolize the true ideals of the Bureau of Fire Protection.

The Malta Cross (knighthood emblem) is the symbol of protection; a badge of honor, courage and pride; and a representation of the ideals of the Fire Service in saving lives and property and the extinguishment of destructive fires.

The Shield represents protection against harm and a firefighters’ shield in combating fire and the black color represents the totality of the administration on fire protection in the country.

Protect and Serve – the BFP motto.

The Two Branches of Laurel Leaves signify the 14 regions when the BFP was recognized as a separate Bureau under the DILG.

The Badge also features the primary firefighting tools and equipment of the BFP embedded on each part of the cross.

The Image of Lapu-Lapu, who was the first Filipino who led the country in fighting the Spanish conquistadores, signifies bravery, leadership and heroism. The National Flag is also included in the background of Lapu-Lapu.