The innermost circle of the logo shows the number 1, representing the regional number in the BFP structure.The background colours of the number are taken from the national flag of the Philippines which are red, yellow and blue.The next outer layers shows 12 districts of region 1. Next, you can see four water hydrants drawn like swords and linked with each other representing the four provinces of Ilocos Region namely: Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Within that layer are four important elements of fire prevention and suppression. On top is the protective head gear that every fireman uses to protect himself while combating fire. Down below are crossed nozzles; to the left are the ladder and the axe. The ladder is a very important tool that goes with the firetruck used to reach higher areas of fire source while the axe is equally important as forcible entry tool. To the right is a water hydrant. The outermost layer shows a fire hose with the name of the Bureau inside it while the gold chains below represent the municipalities of region 1.

SOURCE: The Northern  Flambeau Issue No.1 CY 2001