The BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION was created by virtue of R.A. 6975 primarily to perform the following functions:

1. Be responsible for the prevention and suppression of all destructive fires on:

a. Buildings, houses and other structures;

b. Forest;

c. Land transportation vehicles and equipment;

d. Ships or vessels docked at piers or wharves or anchored in major

e. Petroleum industry installations;

f. Plane crashes; and

g. Other similar incidents

2. Be responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Code of the Philippines (P.D. 1185) and other related laws.

3. Shall have the power to investigate all causes of fires and, if necessary, file the proper complaint with the city or provincial prosecutor who has jurisdiction over the case.

4. In time of national emergency, all elements of the BFP shall, upon direction of the President, assist the AFP in meeting national emergency, and

5. Shall establish at least one (1) fire station with adequate personnel, firefighting facilities and equipment in every city subject to standards, rules and regulations as may be promulgated by the Department of the Interior and Local Government.